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Hello, I'm Freddi...

I am a Co-Founder and the Assistant Director of Administration at True North Academy.  I also teach 7th/8th History and 7th/8th Rhetoric.


Born: Brooklyn, New York

Education:  Emory University - Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting (1993); UCLA School of Law - Juris Doctorate (1999)

My Story

What was your early career like?  Right out of college, I worked as an auditor for Price Waterhouse in New York. After three years, I left to attend law school. My plan was to pursue Entertainment Law; however, God had better plans for me (see below 😊) Over the years, I have worked as an accountant in various settings, including churches and corporate environments. I have also taught homeschool co-op and private school classes in STEM, Speech & Debate, History and Civics.

Tell us about your family?  Robert and I have been married for 23 years and have five amazing children: Robert Jr., 21; Trinity, 19; Samyra, 11; Gabriella, 8 and Alexa, 8. We have homeschooled all of them and the Lord has truly blessed the sacrifice we made to do so. They all love the Lord and seek to follow His will. This is our primary goal as parents.

Are you active in church?   We are partners at Celebration Community Church and have attended the church since 2009.  I have served with the Kid's44 children's ministry and summer VBS programs. One highlight was teaching a Sunday School class on God's Providence for two years with Robert. 

What do you love about TNA and the Principle Approach®?   I first heard about the Principle Approach® about 3 years ago and it immediately resonated with me. My educational philosophy has been to teach my children every subject from a biblical perspective. We recognized that what separates many Christians comes down to whether they embrace a biblical worldview. As parents, we also recognized that it is primarily our responsibility to disciple our children so they would think biblically.

The Principle Approach® provides a beautiful framework for accomplishing this goal.  It has allowed me to explore the history of this type of education, how it impacted the birth of the United States of America, and its crucial role in sustaining a free society. I love that the Principle Approach and True North Academy provide me with a community of like-minded believers seeking to disciple the next generation for the sake of our families, the Church and our nation. 


If you have any questions about the classes that I teach or the vision of True North, please feel free to reach out.

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