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Why True North?

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True North Academy is a two-day Biblical-classical homeschool program for K through tenth grade in Celebration, Florida, operating in partnership with parents and the church in the education of children. We also offer an additional enrichment day on Tuesdays. Our focus is on families who seek to develop in their children, not only a high level of scholarship and critical thinking skills within a challenging academic environment, but most importantly, godly Christian character that is firmly grounded in a Biblical worldview.


In his book The Universe Next Door, Dr. James Sire defines worldview as “a set of presuppositions (assumptions which may be true, partially true, or entirely false) which we hold (consciously or subconsciously, consistently or inconsistently) about the basic makeup of our world”. Dr. Sire points out that there are seven basic questions that are raised and answered by a worldview:

  1. What is prime reality?

  2. What is the nature of external reality?

  3. What is a human being?

  4. What happens to a person at death?

  5. Why is it possible to know anything at all?

  6. How do we know what is right and wrong?

  7. What is the meaning of human history?


According to a 2019 Barna Group research study, 64% of young adults coming out of Christian evangelical homes abandon their faith (most often before leaving home), as a result of a poor understanding of the importance of having a robust Biblical worldview that informs all spheres of life, including the family, the church, school, business, and government. Without Christ and a strong Biblical worldview, the result is a loss of liberty for both the individual and society. As 2 Corinthians 3:17 points out, "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty".

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