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Seven Pillar Principles

of the Principle Approach®

God’s Principle of Individuality

God created personhood and its unique identity versus collectivism and multiculturalism

Heritage of Christian Character

Individual responsibility versus external control. The image of God engraved upon the individual within, brings dominion and change to this external environment.

Christian Form of Our Government

Individual freedom and how to keep it versus tyranny.

Christian Principle of American Political Union

Sovereignty of the nation-state versus globalism. Internal agreement or unity, which is invisible, produces an external union, which is visible in the spheres of government, economics, and home and community life.

Christian Principle of Self-Government

Individual authority versus government regulation. Simply stated, the Christian principle of self-government is God ruling internally from the heart of the individual.

Conscience is the Most Sacred Property

Individual stewardship of internal and external property versus redistribution of property. God requires faithful stewardship of all His gifts, especially the internal property of conscience.

How the Seed of Local Self-Government is Planted

Representative and local government with limited civil government versus expanding centralization of power. Christian self-government begins with salvation and education in God’s Law and Love, and flows in governing oneself, one’s home, church, and community.

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