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Hello, I'm Melanie...

I am the Assistant Director of Development at True North Academy.  I also teach Lower School Science.

Born: Mishawaka, Indiana 

Education:  B.S. in Business Management, MBA, pursuing my doctorate in Christian Education (EDD) with an emphasis on Discipleship

My Story

What was your early career like?  I worked in the hospitality industry for 8 years before starting a family. I have enjoyed being a stay at home mom for the past 12 years. My professional experience also includes being a director of children, preschool and women’s ministries. I have been a homeschool mom on and off for the past 7 years. 

Family: I have been married to my best friend Mike Chandler for 15 years and we have 5 children: Caleb (12) Cadence (11) Logan (9) Timmy (7) and Daisy (2) 

Are you active in Church?  Celebration Community Church, St. Cloud Campus
I am a Pastor's wife and I currently teach fourth and fifth grade classes on Sunday mornings. I am part of the connection team and lead a women’s Bible study. 


What do you love about TNA and the Principle Approach®?  There are so many wonderful aspects of Principle Approach® that I love, but one of my favorites is how in-depth the Bible is integrated in all curriculum. Principle Approach® emphasizes the role of parents as the best educators for their children. This perfectly reflects the truths found in Deuteronomy 6. 

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