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The True North Difference

  • A covenant homeschool cooperative applying the Principle Approach® 

  • Two days of class instruction by paid tutors and three days of extended learning at home according to weekly lesson plans

  • Parent-School Partnership: a parent/guardian must be the primary home teacher and responsible for the oversight of coursework on extended learning at home days

Building Resilient Disciples:


  • Develop Christian character through biblical worldview approach to education

  • Students experience Christian liberty through faith in Jesus Christ to live godly lives, ultimately benefitting their homes, schools, churches, communities and nation. In short... World-Changers!

  • Students inspired to embrace their special role in God's plan and their responsibility to exercise wise stewardship of the spiritual gifts, talents, and treasure entrusted to them

 A Christian Covenant Community:

  • Both living parents/guardians must be born-again Christians having a saving faith in Jesus Christ

  • Families must be active in a local church and strongly committed to biblical truth

  • Families must agree to Statement of Faith, Family Covenant and Student Covenant 

  • Pastoral Reference required

  • Family Interview required

  • Study Groups - (one class per academic year required for parents/teachers/administration); class Offerings to include topics such as biblical worldview, apologetics, marriage, parenting, Christian heritage and providential history 

  • Presently, teaching 1st through 8th grade students to think and reason from biblical principles and apply them in all spheres of life

  • K and high school classes added according to interest (minimum of five students per class required)

  • Schoolroom style: 1st-2nd, 3rd-4th, 5th-6th, 7th-8th

  • 30-week accelerated school year allowing for increased family flexibility

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