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Hello, I'm Robert...

I am a Co-Founder and Trustee of True North Academy.

Born:  New York, NY

Education: BFA (Communication Arts) from New York Institute of Technology 

My Story

Past work experience:  I had the pleasure of working in television production for 9 years, both in New York and Los Angeles.  Freddi and I decided to downsize from these cities to "The City Beautiful" Orlando.  We could not have been led to a better home for our children.  Presently, I run a department at the 3rd largest convention center in the United States.  What a great opportunity to be a light!

Family:  I feel like the richest man that I know, where all in my household know and love Jesus; from my wife, Freddi, to my two oldest, RJ and Trinity, who depend on Him for guidance in their future life's work; to my three youngest ones, Sammi, Gabbi & Lexi, who are learning about Him more and more.  I am not worthy of it, but He has abundantly blessed me in this area.

Are you active in church? :   We have been partners at Celebration Community Church and have attended the church since 2009.  For the last three years, I have served as an Elder.  I have also enjoyed opportunities to combine my love of the arts with ministry, such as portraying Uncle Screwtape in the Screwtape Letters.

What do you love about TNA and the Principle Approach®?    I am not a teacher at True North, however I know and understand the importance of teaching this way.  I can easily go back to the years of my faith crisis, where many competing ideas challenged my pseudo-Christian worldview.  I did not know how to reason from a solid Biblical viewpoint regarding the subjects of the day.  In the situation that evangelicals presently find ourselves, with Christian youth falling away at record numbers, the most important question for us all is, "Do we believe that what we believe is really real?"  The Principle Approach® firmly establishes the reality of the Judeo-Christian God in every subject matter.  The objective is to have every child well trained in looking at the world through a biblical lens.  As I question the teachers and parents, I hear them all say, "I see the difference." 

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